£150,000-a-week Chelsea forward ready to fight for the starting place

London club forward Christian Pulisic has been the centre of a lot of headlines this campaign. This is a case, if you buy a player partly as a PR exercise, you can’t be surprised when his name is all over the internet day and night when he doesn’t play.

It’s usually ESPN complaining about English coach leaving him on the bench, but CP is putting out plenty of his own content too. Last week we saw the first part of a multiple video series on The Player’s Tribune which will chart his rise to fame, and today there was another snippet released.

In quotes Pulisic addresses his lack of playing time so far this campaign, saying “there are obstacles. it can be tough. I have to prove myself.” “I’m in a new chapter, and I’m going to prove myself,” he repeated. Christian is a regular member of the national team squad which is already a big achievement for the footballer.

It’s great to see his strong attitude. You don’t make it this far as an American trying to break into European football unless you have some impressive drive. His chance will come, and we reckon he’s going to be set to seize it. The 21-year-old winger has vast potential and can become a world-class attacker if he continuous improvement.

Chelsea started this season excellently as they are in a fifth place in the Premier League table. Blues signed Mateo Kovacic from Real Madrid and Christian Pulisic from Borussia Dortmund recently. London club are unable to sign new footballers until next summer due to transfer ban.