Arsenal Boss explanation of Financial Fair Play changes

Arsene Wenger thinks that the reason that Uefa’s financial fair play rules have been relaxed is in response to the Premier League’s new television deal.   As a consequence, European clubs want more headroom to invest in players.

He says that the changes will not affect Arsenal as they have always spent what they have.  This is a little surprising as that the complaint made about Arsenal is that they don’t spend what they have, but sit on a pile of cash.

‘We have to see what happens now, what will be respected in the Financial Fair Play and what will go out of the window, I don’t know.’

Commenting on the proposed changes, Wenger said, ‘I have no problem to lose the battle. I just did fight for what looks to me to be logical: that any business, to have a continuity, should live with the resources that it creates. It doesn’t look like anything absolutely unbelievable.’