Chelsea join race for €30m-rated Netherlands international

Although Man City are capable of playing some incredible football, they are woeful in back-line and it’s something that’s held them back all campaign. While Reds know that they can bomb forward because VVD will probably deal with anything, Cityzens have had to be careful as they know any counter-attack will probably be deadly.

It means that a centre-back will probably be high on Spanish manager’s wish list this summer, and they are looking at Bournemouth star Nathan Ake. Ake’s a pacey centre-back who is good on the ball and also looks solid in back-line, plus he has PL experience so he could be a good addition.

The problem comes as Blues might have a buy-back clause from when they sold him to the Cherries in the first place. It must be said that it’s not clear if the clause exists, but they do point out that Blues are also keen to bring him back to the London club.

That presents two options, Blues could buy him back and use him themselves, or they can buy him back and sell him on to anyone who isn’t a direct competitor, and that could ruin this for Man City. Blues are shrewd operators in the market so you have to think they did include such a clause, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

With Bayern deeming Pep Guardiola-favourite David Alaba as important enough to keep despite his impending 2021 deal expiry, the Netherlands international has now moved to the top of their defensive wishlist.