“The Black Cats” dilemma

Sunderland supporters turned on owner Ellis Short after they suffered their second defeat of the season at home to Norwich city.  Herewith they have overcome their yo-yo reputation, Sunderland have never finished higher than 10th since their return to the Premier League and have often been involved in a relegation struggle.

It’s not as if they don’t spend money.   They have the eight highest wage bill in the division, £70m or 67 per cent of their turnover.   However, the failure of that spending to generate the desired results is shown by the fact that managers do not usually see out the season.

The EPL title is most likely to go to a London or Manchester team or perhaps to Liverpool. The same goes for the Champions League places.    For Sunderland perhaps the biggest incentive in the season is to do well in their games against Newcastle United.